Research carried out by the TIMA and TIMC laboratories, and the Pitié Salpétrière Hospital in Paris, has led to a solution to incontinence problems involving the use of a new artificial urinary sphincter.

This patented technology involves replacing the manual pump mechanism used by many patients all over the world with a mechatronic device. Previous devices were made up of a sleeve full of liquid and placed around the urethra, like a ring. The new LSI version is connected to a pump implanted in the scrotum. When the patient wishes to empty his bladder, he can press on the pump to flush away the water in the sleeve. Thus, the urethra is no longer constricted and the urine released.

Although they have undoubtedly improved continence levels in patients, previous devices have been far from perfect. In fact, the need to constantly apply pressure to the urethra, a necessity when the patient is active, but something which is unnecessary when the patient is lying down, can lead to atrophy or erosion of the urethra, meaning the medical device would have to be removed.. Additionally, the position and size of the manual pump make operating such  devices difficult, in particular for the elderly or those suffering from other handicaps.

The UROMEMS device enables patients to adapt pressure levels in the urethra, even in conjunction with previously implanted devices.

Contact : LSI Carnot Hamid Lamraoui