LSI partners with the ESA to develop a manual on the toughening of integrated circuits against radiation

The ESA has entrusted the ARIS team from the TIMA laboratory and Floralis with the creation of a manual on techniques for toughening integrated circuits against space radiation.

This manual will provide stakeholders concerned with this issue with vital information (segments concerned include: space, aeronautics, transport, telecoms, etc.) and it will be an important source of data to learn about, evaluate, and choose toughening techniques at different abstraction levels, thereby ensuring the protection of integrated circuits against the effects of space radiation.

The ARIS team are acknowledged specialists in the toughening of integrated circuits, and are providing technical expertise for the manual’s contents.

Floralis is playing a key role in the project, from a technology transfer perspective but also via the contribution of its business units Multicom and Floralis Events. Multicom will ensure that the needs of endusers are met thereby resulting in a user-friendly product and Floralis Events will help manage all events required throughout the project's lifespan.

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