Intelligent buildings

Smart Homes

A major key to resolving environment related issues, the smart home can further enhance security and comfort in the home. Ergonomics, sensor and interface design, communication networks, independent software architectures and data fusion are the key technological issues that need to be solved in order to meet the socio-economic issues associated with smart homes.

The teams of the LSI Carnot Institute are designing and developing innovative solutions to all of the problems surrounding smart homes, from technical management applications to buildings in the service sector and home automation solutions for private individuals. Our offering includes:

  • Expertise, design, hardware and software validation, data fusion.
  • Off-the-shelf tools including software to help with the design of embedded systems, tools for software testing, innovative sensors, smart interfaces and solutions for the architecture of intelligent buildings.
  • A wide range of research collaboration on the technical management of the building, home support and comfort.


Offers / Intelligent buildings

Air Mouse

Contactless control of your PC


With broad experience acquired in the disciplinary fields of Man-Machine Interaction, the LSI teams’ research is currently working on a promising technology involving a contactless interaction system controlled by forefinger movement. Air Mouse involves the use of a finger placed over the keyboard to interact with an application in bi or tri-dimensional space. Its numerous qualities make it...


Testing Platform for Home Automation


The Domus platform enables the testing of compatibility, usefulness and usability of innovaitve products and services in the field of home automation. These criteria allow the validation and evaluation of new products and new solutions for users, whether they are end users, electricians, builders, maintenance and management staff, or other stakeholders...


Software tools for assistance in decision-making and data analysis


Kowok has extensive experience of the problems involved in data processing, extraction of relevant information and possesses proprietary know-how to help with decision-making processes. This range of skills and know-how has enabled the development of an innovative methodological architecture based on unique and efficient analytical tools perfectly suited to a wide...

Osiris on Chip

Embedded-systems designed for the decision making and real-time control sectors


The teams at LSI are currently working on the modelling and representation of knowledge and data. As part of their work, the teams have developed an object-oriented system on an FPGA chip for the representation and management of data and knowledge (SGBD-BC). Named  OSIRIS on Chip, this system is a tool that is capable of reproducing the cognitive...


Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


The teams at LSI, internationally recognised for their work in validation and software testing, are using their know-how to perfect tools for the automatic generation of tests. In order to generate the largest number of tests and thus improve error detection, the teams have developed Tobias. With the help of a...