Where we work

The Carnot Institute LSI develops hardware and software solutions for the integration of information systems in the technological fields of health, intelligent buildings, transport, and in general system design.

The 28 LSI Carnot Institute teams are highly involved in industrial collaborations with corporate clients, small businesses and start-up companies in all key areas of its activity.


At national level, various issues have arisen in the last few years: reduced spending on healthcare, an increase in the number of dependants (disabled people, the elderly), a decrease in healthcare staff and a lack of healthcare facilities in certain areas.
These issues are the driving force behind a number of initiatives nationwide, such as the Plan Solidarité Grand Age 2007-2012 (Old Age Solidarity Plan), the Plan Alzheimer (2008-2012), and the Dossier Médical Personnalisé (...

Intelligent buildings

Smart Homes

A major key to resolving environment related issues, the smart home can further enhance security and comfort in the home. Ergonomics, sensor and interface design, communication networks, independent software architectures and data fusion are the key technological issues that need to be solved in order to meet the socio-economic issues associated with smart homes.

The teams of the LSI Carnot Institute are designing and developing innovative solutions...

System Design

System Design
The design of embedded systems is crucial in fields linked to electronics. Whether it is a matter of developing an ASIC, a multi-core chip, an automated system or a sensor network , design tools and methods are essential to guarantee the final performance of the product. The test and validation stages in particular represent more than 60% of the whole design process for an electronic system.
From the design of solid languages to the validation of...


Inside a vehicle, as with traffic control systems, smart technology has been integrated onboard to ensure performance, safety, energy consumption, and comfort. Smart technologies in the form of soft or hardware comes into play from the design of the electronic components up to the interaction of the vehicle with its driver in ever more complex driving environments.
Ranked 2nd and 3rd place for the usage of sensors in Europe, the automobile and...