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In this section you will find all of the technology stemming from the LSI Carnot Institute that is currently available for in-licensing (Patents, Software). These licences can be further enhanced with know-how based service offering to ensure that the licences are successfully integrated into your business. (Skills transfer, Training, Technical Assistance, Co-development etc.)


Offers / Our Products


Software for the monitoring and management  of clinical case studies


LSI teams are working on the modelling and representation of knowledge and data. As part of its exchanges with different practitioners from the Grenoble CHU (Teaching Hospital), they have developed software for the monitoring and management of clinical cases studies: Clinicase. The technology is easy to use and is an essential tool for the clinician enabling...

Computerised Health Procedures


This is an innovative concept intended for GPs who want to integrate 20 commonly used health procedures already being used by hundreds of doctors.


There are three key tools for each procedure:

  • An input mask: an excellent decision-making tree that is perfectly suited to the problem, which integrates basic knowledge and remains very close to the...


Verification of Properties for Embedded Systems


From large public applications (transport, multimedia, telecoms) to critical applications (aerospace, aeronautics), embedded systems integrate an infinitely increasing number of functionalities. In order to guarantee the performance of these systems – real-time, safety/security, consumption, etc. – complex verifications are required at each stage of development from the initial...

Spine Ref

An innovative device to assist with spinal surgery using FluoroNavigation

Navigation assistance and support for minimally invasive operations

Operations on the spinal column are particularly sensitive, especially considering the risk of neurological complications. The performance of minimally invasive surgical techniques depends on navigation assistance systems to help guide the...


Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


The teams at LSI, internationally recognised for their work in validation and software testing, are using their know-how to perfect tools for the automatic generation of tests. In order to generate the largest number of tests and thus improve error detection, the teams have developed Tobias. With the help of a...