Protocols and Communication Systems

In a world where communication systems are omnipresent, innovations affect the whole of society. The skills necessary for the development of a communication system in a networked environment range from skills in low-level electronics to high-level ICT skills, not to mention information theory, information routing, radiofrequency transmissions, and embedded computing.

The teams at the LSI Carnot Institute are developing new network architectures and new communications protocols with the aim of improving connectivity, optimising energy consumption, and guaranteeing the continuity, future-proofing, and security of services.


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Audio Digital Tattooing


Software tools for marking audio files


The time-frequency tattooing technology developed by the teams at LSI Carnot enables the dissimulation   of data in an audio file, independent from the digital format and therefore from the relevant media file. One of the main applications of this technology is the traceability of audio content.

Advantages :...