Data Analysis

This cross-disciplinary topic groups together the technology surrounding the analysis of data modelling, data mining and extraction of large volumes of data, data fusion, and automatic learning (machine learning). It also contains numerous applications for recommendation systems, fraud detection, e-marketing, and biotechnology.

The teams at the Carnot Institute can solve your data analysis problems, whatever your field of work.


Offers / Data Analysis


Biomechanical solutions

Biomechanics involves the principles of construction of the human organism and the relationships between the structures and functions of the body. The biomechanical modelling of "man in motion" that we are developing allows the estimation of internal variables of the human body that are not directly measurable. For example: muscle strength, joint strength, ligament strain, strain on an organ...


Software tools for assistance in decision-making and data analysis


Kowok has extensive experience of the problems involved in data processing, extraction of relevant information and possesses proprietary know-how to help with decision-making processes. This range of skills and know-how has enabled the development of an innovative methodological architecture based on unique and efficient analytical tools perfectly suited to a wide...