Our offering

The LSI Carnot Institute has brought together top level international researchers, working from its base in Grenoble, in order to tackle problems linked to fields as diverse as embedded software, microelectronic components,surgical robots (computer assisted surgery), along with sensor networks and communication  protocols.

We are organised around 4 main areas of strategic activity for industry (Healthcare, Smart homes, Transport, and System Design), and make the skills of our teams available to partners for the design, development and validation of both equipment and software.

Do you practice “open innovation”? Do you want to integrate "intelligent" functionalities into your products? Do you want to optimise their performance? Have you come up against unexpected difficulties in product development terms? 

The LSI Carnot Institute can set up a partnership that suits your needs (service offerings related to know-how, access to technological platforms, R&D collaboration, technology transfer).

By using this site you can find detailed information on service offerings related to our core strategic strengths, our platforms and our products, technology service offerings, patents and software and in-licencing opportunities.

Where we work

The Carnot Institute LSI develops hardware and software solutions for the integration of information systems in the technological fields of health, intelligent buildings, transport, and in general system design.

The 28 LSI Carnot Institute teams are highly involved in industrial collaborations with corporate clients, small businesses and start-up companies in all key areas of its activity.

Our areas of expertise

You can leverage the unique skills of the teams of the Carnot institute, covering the whole of the development process for software and intelligent systems  across 4 main strategic fields:

  • Healthcare: assistance in medical and surgical procedures, computer assisted surgery,  administrative monitoring systems, information systems and human body modelling

  • Intelligent buildings: improvement in buildings...

Technology Platforms

The Carnot Institute’s platforms offer services using specific, first-class equipment along with the scientific and technical expertise of our trained personnel to meet your every need (provision of services, technical assistance in using specialist equipment).

Our products

In this section you will find all of the technology stemming from the LSI Carnot Institute that is currently available for in-licensing (Patents, Software). These licences can be further enhanced with know-how based service offering to ensure that the licences are successfully integrated into your business. (Skills transfer, Training, Technical Assistance, Co-development etc.)